Working with scenarios

Scenarios Codetermination 2035

What will the working world of tomorrow look like? Under what conditions will worker participation actors negotiate, for example, digitalisation issues? The Codetermination 2035 scenarios explore four possible paths along which the working world might develop in Germany by 2035. mehr

Scenarios Digitalisation 2035

Illustration Szenario #Peak Performance

Four scenarios describe different plausible ‘futures’ of digitalisation in the world of work. They bring to light various opportunities and challenges that in future could play important roles for codetermination actors. mehr

What are scenarios?

Szenario Kreuz

Scenarios cannot predict the future. However, they can help us to cope better with the uncertainties of an open future. We can get a better idea of how the decisions we make today will affect work and life tomorrow. mehr

About the project

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"Codetermination 2035" is a scenario project of the Institute for Codetermination and Corporate Governance (I.M.U.) of the Hans-Böckler-Stiftung in cooperation with the Institute for Prospective Analyses (IPA). mehr